5 Best Apps for English Language Learners

Want to learn a new language effectively with your smartphone? Welcom ‘offers you its selection of the 5 best applications to learn English in record time.

You intend to progress in language but you do not necessarily have the time, nor the means to undertake an internship or a stay abroad … But like everyone, you have a smartphone or a tablet ? So iTunes and Google Play are your friends. You will find a number of free applications that will help you to progress in language, or to learn.

5 Best Apps for English Language Learners


The MEMRISE application allows you to learn English in an entertaining way. What differentiates MEMRISE from others is its learning nature while having fun. The app has been named the winner of the “Best App” of the Google Play I / O Awards in 2017.

With MEMRISE , it is also possible to learn other languages, such as Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, German, Arabic and Russian. The app is available on Google Play and Itunes.


In the same spirit as the previous version, DUOLINGO allows you to learn English while having fun. The application allows you to earn points for each correct answer. It also puts challenges to make for a time trial and goes to the next level.

Each lesson consists of pronunciation, listening and translation exercises and multiple choice quizzes. Duolingo corrects your exercises instantly and gives recommendations in case the apprentices fail.

What sets DUOLINGO apart from others is this spirit of challenge and addiction. In short, give life to the lesson. To be able to progress in learning English and to cross the levels, you have to pass the exercises. The concept is the same as if you play an adventure game. The user loses a life when he responds incorrectly. He returns when the answers are correct. Like in ” Super Mario “.

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Today, the language learning platform is the most popular in the world. It is also available for schools and classes. Thousands of teachers are using it today to improve their lessons.


Created in 2007, the BABBEL app teaches English as well as a dozen other languages ​​in the online world and has established itself as one of the leaders in the field. Its English version offers to train you in British, American, Irish, Canadian and even Australian.

With an interface that appeals to users, BABBEL has gained notoriety and offers for learning two training modules: vocabulary and tools. The purpose of this app is that you are fluent in English as a bilingual.


The official BBC LEARNING ENGLISH app brings together all the courses and presenters in one easy-to-use set. A good way to keep learning English up to date.

Whether you want to study grammar, improve your pronunciation, develop your English through new news stories or learn the latest phrases to use in your everyday conversations, the BBC LEARNING ENGLISH app has the series for you. Take us with you, we will always be here to help you become a brilliant English speaker..


The ENGLISH ONE MONTH application also allows you to learn the language quickly and efficiently. The application allows you to test your knowledge acquired through written work. There is currently a free and paid version. The full version offers:

  • 50 lessons depending on the level of difficulty
  • 3200 words and phrases spoken by voice assistance
  • More than 2600 color images

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