AdGuard Premium APK (Full Premium) (Nightly) MOD for Android

AdGuard Premium APK: Have you ever been irritated to see advertisements in your favorite Android apps during your use? Even sometimes after closing the particular application? And also, when visiting websites via browsers? In this case, here is the rescue application called AdGuard Premium, which works even without the need for root access.

In the Google Play Store, you’ll typically only find the Adguard Content Blocker, which has limitations and only works on selected browsers (Yandex and Samsung), which allow ad-blocking plug-ins. For other browsers, you need to look at the main AdGuard Premium APK, which can block ads from a system.

Why do app developers and website owners show ads? This question is on the other side of the coin. Creators need money to maintain everything they need and, of course, they need to be motivated by money. Otherwise, they could lose passion.

In fact, we APKWEAR.COM show advertisements to our visitors to keep the server costs and everything. So I ask you to activate Ad-Blocker every time you feel that the developer is greedy.

What is AdGuard Premium APK?

AdGuard Premium APK (Full Premium) (Nightly) MOD for Android

The most advanced Android application ad-blocker is system-wide and better than the ad-block more according to technology geeks. AdGuard Premium APK protects your online privacy by blocking third-party trackers, spyware, and adware. Thus, your personal data is protected when you use them.

In addition, available for many platforms such as MAC, Windows, iOS and browser extension. It covers most majority platforms, except the Linux operating system, and I hope it will be soon for the Linux distribution.

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Unlike other adblockers, it does not need root privileges to run on Android devices. This works by activating the VPN and there is also a disadvantage with this method. That is, you can not use other VPN benefits when you start this operation because enabling two VPNs is not possible at all on Android.

For that, you have rooted the Android device or you have to use WIFI, then switch to Adguard Premium proxy mode and use other VPN services.

NameAdguard Premium
Size15 MB
Last updateNovember 09, 2019

Download AdGuard Premium APK for Android

Here you can download AdGuard Premium APK for Android. While the free version is able to do a lot of things like blocking ads on all web browsers, but not Android apps. So you need to subscribe to their premium service to remove apps ads and get some other features.

By the way, this app is not available in the Google Play Store because their strategy does not allow system-wide ad-blocking apps.

Download Adguard Premium APK below.


  • Block ads – Block annoying ads from web browsers, Android apps, and games. Types of ads such as videos, banners, popups, push, interstitials, etc.
  • Protect Privacy – blocks malicious ads, tracking codes, and spyware that try to steal your personal data. Adguard gives top priority to user privacy and does not store your DNS logs.
  • Saves mobile data – Of course, this is not a feature, but helps you indirectly save your mobile bandwidth. Here’s how? When you block ads while browsing websites, you’re definitely backing up mobile data.
  • Whitelist – You can add whitelisted URLs if you want to visit or authorize the source.
  • Filter – The default filters are already there to give users total security. However, you can add specific URLs to the filter and block them. Custom filters are the best option to avoid visiting inappropriate websites.
  • Browser Extensions – It supports various web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Stealth Mode – This module protects your identity and personal information from online stalkers.
  • HTTPS Filtering – Advanced filtering process to improve the blocking of advertisements on websites.
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DNS filtering:

The domain name filtering system can be used to prevent access to certain malicious or blacklisted websites. When a user tries to visit these websites, in the end, the Web filter displays a warning message with the reason.

Premium Adguard has multiple DNS providers that have a large database of blacklisted websites. So you can select any of them, but we recommend using AdGuard DNS and Cloudflare DNS for added security.

  • Family Protection
  • Google
  • Cloudflare
  • Cisco Open
  • Cisco’s Family Shield
  • QUAD9

Above are the default providers, and you can also add a custom DNS server if you want. For more verified suppliers –

Note: Android 9.0+ users can also add a custom DND server through the system settings.

Application Management:

One of the best features you can see in the AdGuard Premium app. This section helps us manage and monitor the data of the installed application. We can also enable or disable certain permissions.

Many more things you can do here and listed below.

  • Control cellular data
  • Control WiFi data
  • Enable or disable AD blocking
  • Adguard Protection
  • HTTPS filtering
  • Enable or disable cellular / WiFi data when the screen turns off

It seems that all in one controller for Android applications.

How to Install Adguard Premium APK on Android?

Step 1. Press the download button shown in the section above.

Step 2. Once the download APK is complete, navigate to the file manager where it was stored. Tap the APK file from there.

Step 3. Security may appear in a pop-up window that allows this installation. Please go to settings and enable unknown sources.

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Step 4. Now you are ready to go. Tap the Adguard Premium APK again and install it normally.

Step 5. Open the application and enable protection. It will create a local VPN and will not route traffic to your remote server. Everything will be done directly from your device.

Final words:

Adguard Premium is the best ad blocking software compared to popular software such as Ad Block Plus in some ways. Benefits include processing the page before the browser loads to remove the ads and hide them, a Phishing Filter prevents phishing pages These URLs are constantly updated in the data of their blacklists.

I hope you like this article, thank you for sharing it with your friends. I will meet you in the next.

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