The Top 10 Best Instagram Repost Apps for Android and iOS

Instagram is one of the widely used social media application, as it has more than a billion users. Apart from Facebook and facebook fellows Messenger and Whatsapp, it is the eighth biggest online community now along with some famous international chat applications like WeChat, Viber, and QQ. Instagram is the third biggest social media network and the second biggest in North America. For both users and brands, it is a critically important application.

Whether you use your Instagram account for keeping an eye on your friend’s activities, uploading your daily work there, or using its stories in place of Snapchat, there are great and exciting ways to use Instagram.

The Top 10 Best Instagram Repost Apps for Android and iOS

We praise all the very great features of Instagram but still, it do not let you post someone else content. In this regard, you have to use any third-party application. And there are just a few of them available. While keeping this in mind, we have got you covered and here is the list of all best Instagram repost apps.

1. Save and Repost for Instagram:

This makes the entire procedure of posting Instagram applications quite simple and easy. On play store, this application has a rating of 4.5 stars. This application not only lets you save any of the posts and repost it but it also lets you share those picture and videos directly to your account.

It is the best repost app for Instagram 2020 because of its simple design and feature of downloading various videos and photos. The size of this application is also a reason that millions of people are downloading it.

This is one of the best Instagram repost apps because it gives most of the exclusive features free of cost. It becomes quite fun to use because this application has the same UI as Instagram.

It gets particularly used for funny videos. It will not ask you to log in your Instagram information. The basic version of this application is free to use, but it also has an in-app purchase option.

However, the only drawback of this application is its ads. Ads placed on this application may annoy you.

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2. Repost for Instagram – Regrann:

The thing which makes Regrann the best Instagram repost app 2020 is its 4.6-star rating. Another of its greatest feature is that it lets the user remove the watermark from photos and videos when he/she repost it.

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The praiseworthy part of this application is that you can use all its features without entering any of your Instagram logging in the information. It gives you the option of scheduling posts. By using Regrann you can easily post anything without closing your Instagram. This application is completely free; there is no option for in-app purchases. It also lets you make the posts private and the viewer cannot download it.

Anyways, there is still space for improvements. Its updates are not much frequent than expected and its privacy features should be a bit more flexible for users.

3. Repost Via Instant:

Repost via Instant is another the best Instagram repost apps. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. As its name suggests, with just one click instantly you can repost any of your favorable photos or videos.

This repost application comes in a noticeable smaller size, in this regard; it lets you enjoy sharing a bunch of media files. It has all the organized features and delivers in quite immediate timings.

Its top features include, attractive user interface, its basic version is free, it is available for iOS and Android users both, and it is able to copy the whole context or just tags too.

However, there is still a bit room for improvement. It has compatible issues with various new models of smartphones. In contrast to other similar application, it’s premium features are not available on the basic version.

4. Repost for Instagram:

The reason for this application to come in the list of best repost apps 2020 is that it takes quite less storage of just 3Mb which can never affect the total storage of your device.

It is quite simple to navigate; you will just have to copy and paste the URL of the post you want to report on your Instagram account. It also makes it appear in the list of best Instagram reposting apps. This application just minds with its own business, it is exclusively dedicated to just reposting.

It features in the smooth reposting of videos, its user interface is quite simple to use, credit is given to those who have original Instagram accounts, and for using this app Instagram account is mandatory.

But despite that, it could be improved in some certain features which should be updated now as they are same as the early time of Instagram reposting. And it has prominent Cache issues which irritate the user while reposting.

5. Repost – Photo and Video Download and Save:

Repost is the oldest and the most genuine application to repost or regram Instagram posts. It is the best Instagram repost app without watermark and has a 4.5-star rating in the play store. Besides no watermark feature, it lets you edit the post before posting it to your account.

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While using this app, you will not be needed to use any screenshots. It has the feature of custom chronological feed. By Repost, you can explore the world and local trends. It is entirely safe and secure to use.

But still, you will have to pay for most of its features. And its pro-version will be needed to install for using all its premium features.

6. Repost Photo and Video for Instagram:

It is another quite useful application for reposting on Instagram. It keeps the credit in watermark form of the original user content you choose to repost. You can choose the place on a post where the ‘repost’ text should get appear.

It’s simple layout and straightforward features are all praiseworthy. It is one of the best Instagram reposting applications.

It can keep your posts private that no one can download it. It is applicable for Android 4.1 and all the above versions. It is equipped with the interactive user interface. Its basic application is free but it also has in-app purchases.

It requires improvement in the feature of video reposting to make any of the small videos get repost at one time. Several users complain about its compatibility issue so it needs bug fixes.

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7. Easy Repost:

Easy Repost is another fastest application for reposting someone’s post on Instagram. Its fast work makes it one of the best Instagram repost apps. It is applicable for iOS and Android.

It recently got revamped which makes it more worthy. It just not facilitates you for reposting, but by using this app you can also save the image or video without any restrictions. Its basic version is, of course, free but it has in-app purchases too.

It lets you repost one’s post with a caption. It contains an option for the removal of ads so you can repost without any interruption. It removes the watermarks from posts. You can also just download any photo or video you want.

However, most of its reposting features are outdated and those features are not applicable for new users. It has several compatibility issues which are mostly claimed by Sony smartphone users.

8. Fast Save and Repost for Instagram:

Fast Save and Repost for Instagram is another must-have application as it has 4.5 stars rating on the Play store. It gives absolute ease in downloading and sharing various photos and videos with your fellows. Photos and videos both can easily get reposted via this application.

This app is smart enough that it will automatically detect which photos and videos needed to download similar to text copying. It also has an aesthetic photo and video viewer in the app.

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Its storage is varied with various devices. Its interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. It has automatic detect copy action. It contains a catchy photo and video viewer.

Even though, some of its good features are needed to get purchased. It takes a bit extra time for uploading media.

9. EzRepost+:

It is another useful application that has a 4.3-star rating on play store. It lets you directly save and repost videos and photos on your Instagram account without copying from URL. This of its action makes it best repost app 2020.

It allows you to do feed scrolling and reposting within one app. You will not need to jiggle between Instagram and EzRepost+ both. You can even easily download and repost within it easily.

It lets you repost everything without watermark effects. It has the power of reposting videos much faster. You can copy the captions of posts easily through this. It also lets you download and repost private profile stuff.

However, its privacy features are a bit sneaky that is notable on its user information policy which could be a concerning thing because it has user media. Using this application could be a bit irritating because of Ads pop up at regular intervals.

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10. Story Reposter for Instagram:

Reposter for Instagram is an ideal choice for those who have an issue of storage. It only seizes 33Mb of the total storage. This of its factor makes it best repost app.

Using this application lets you download videos and photos without changing its description. You can easily share everything you download to various platforms with a single click.

You are just needed to copy the link and it will automatically get prompted to repost through this app.

This application is quite simple to use. This reposter does not ask for your user login information. Its new update got a new feature which is full-screen photo viewer. It is liable to download photos and images without watermark.

Final Words:

While navigating through Instagram several times we got an urge to repost any of the posts to our wall too. In this regard, these best Instagram repost apps are here to help you out. By using any of these you can easily get that post and repost that to your wall. Isn’t it quite simple to just download an application and get the post you want? Of course, it is! If you want any of the post reposted on your wall just download any of the above-mentioned application.

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