Jasi Patcher APK Download Latest Version 4.8 in {2020} [Get Rid of Annoying Ads]

At the end of the year 2018, the android market share accounted for about 85% of the total android phones globally. In this regard, android applications and games are becoming quite interesting by the developers. We can also observe that the number of applications and games is also increasing as time pass along with its better quality of programming. Google play store is the most used and famous app store in the Android world, as it provides huge amount of games and applications for free.

However, most of the applications are free on Google play store, but mostly they comprise plenty of ads that limit some advance features. You will be needed to get IAP to get rid of these ads or unlocking advanced features. It is obvious that not everyone is liable to invest this much amount. Here comes the requirement of Jasi Patcher.

Jasi Patcher is a valuable thing for helping the android users removing ads, hack-in-app purchases and doing much more such kinds of things. As several other applications for other MOD games on android are available on Google but Jasi Patcher is not. You cannot get it through Google play store because it does not follow all the policies of Google. So you have to download Jasi Patcher Apk from any other reliable resource in APK file format.

Jasi Patcher is actually an application that modifies other apps that result in the removal of ads and being away from in-app purchases. It is one of the direct and advance applications. It is liable to do all the essential cracks in your android system.

Jasi Patcher APK Download Latest Version 4.8  in {2019} [Get Rid of Annoying Ads]

About Jasi Patcher APK:

Jasi patcher is an advanced level utility tool for hacking in-app purchases and it is the best substitute for lucky patcher.

Simply it is the best android automatic tool for patching that includes offline server emulation, removal of ads, tools, patches, and utilities. The most highlighted point is that it is developed by Jaspreet Singh, a person belongs to India. The name of this application is referred to as its developer.

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Version Info

NameJasi Patcher
DeveloperJaspreet Singh
Last updatedJuly 06, 2019
Size4 MB
Android SupportKitKat to Pie

Features of Jasi Patcher APK:

Jasi Patcher is the same as Lucky patcher; it is also an android mod tool. But lucky patcher lacks some features that Jasi patcher offers getting used in unroot devices. Moreover, Jasi Patcher APK offers much more advanced features. All the features of this application are listed below:

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  • Ad Blocking:

The ads always pop up without knowing which bothers a lot. It also eliminates the excitement of gaming and the impacts of user experience. You will have to spend some of your money to remove the ads completely. Several times, some apps and games that you do not mostly use and you have to spend your money to reduce ads will be waste. Due to all this, using Jasi Patcher Pro APK will be beneficial for the removal and blocking of ads.

  • Application Management:

Besides several other patch tools, Jasi Patcher also has an application manager. By this, the user can do the functions like deletion of data, uninstalling applications, backing, and restoration of APK files. However, it is not the same as the file manager you have on your android. But still, it has basic features to facilitate you.

  • Free To Use:

The purpose of this application is non-profit. There is a commitment by its developer that Jasi Patcher APK will always be free to update without even any advertising. However, at its first-time usage, it will require unlocking some of its premium features. Still, some people think that they have invested their money for it, but it is not true. The only suggestion this application will give you is to contribute some of your cash to support its developer. You will just need to enable its premium version to use all its features free of cost.

  • In-app-purchases:

Jasi Patcher app lets you get some of the game items, unlock the advanced features of the application without additional charges. Furthermore, it will assist you through the censorship of Google play store to break the license checks and payment hacks. You can easily buy any IAP in the app or game store without additional payments.

  • Rebooting:

Jasi Patcher also has to reboot feature within it. It will reboot your device and make it more efficient in usage. It is liable to do a soft reboot, power off, reboot safe mode, reboot recovery, restarting the UI of system, and reboot download.

  • Customization:

It lets you customize several things in your android device. You can alter the theme, font, language, orientation, sorting, animation, the setting of import and export and haptic feedback too.

  • Cleaning:

It has a cleaning feature that will clean all the cache of your android device. It will clean the cache partition, all application cache. All the cleaning just needs one click and your device will be optimized.

  • Hook:

It also features a hook that makes the entire app debuggable. It is also for disabling debugger connection check, disabling the android version to check on install, allowing downgrade apps, disabling the signature check, disabling the signature of APK, and it can also disable overly detection.

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Downloading and Installation of Jasi Patcher Latest Version:

The APK version of Jasi Patcher can be easily downloaded and it is premium version is also available. The most catchy thing about it is that you can easily enable its premium version without investing any bucks.


For Non-Rooted Device:

For downloading and installing Jasi Patcher on your non-rooted device first you have to install VirtualXposed in your device.

Follow below-mentioned steps for installing VirtualXposed;

  • Download VirtualXposed APK from certain reliable source. By clicking on it simply you can access its unknown sources.
  • Again you need to click on the VXP APK to get it installed on your device.
  • Open the application and allow all the things required.
  • Now your installation is completed.

Now here comes the installation process of Jasi Patcher:

  • After downloading VirtualXposed, you are fine to go further.
  • Go to the setting of application, and then it’s advance setting and clicks on install Google Play Services.
  • Use the virtual environment to install Jasi Patcher. Plus, you can download any app you want to patch or modify.
  • After the downloading of all the applications, you have to reboot and activate the Jasi Patcher app in your Xposed Installer.
  • Finally, you have to restart your device.

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Using Jasi Patcher in Rooted and Xposed Installed Device:

In most of the situations, the emulation of billing and license is workable if the support emulation is accessible in the universal patch for the application targeted. Here, the expectation is that Xposed is priory downloaded and installed in the device.

For the installed Jasi Patcher Xposed you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, enable the Jasi Patcher in the Xposed app and reboot it. By this Jasi Patcher will be activated.
  • Now open Jasi Patch and give the root permissions. Now go forward to the section of Emulation.
  • Click on the target app and authorize the license and the option of billing emulation.
  • Finally, open the targeted application and get your in-app purchases free of cost.

Customizations Possible By Jasi Patcher:

There are plenty of customizations available by the use of Jasi Patcher APK. Some of those customizations are mentioned below;

  • Changing the fonts.
  • Hiding patcher from other applications.
  • Checking automatic updates.
  • Changing the orientation of Patcher from the default device based, landscape, and portrait.
  • Alteration of languages from the huge amount of available languages.
  • Enabling and disabling of vibration.
  • Theme changing from light to dark mode.
  • Enabling or disabling of loading apps icon.
  • Animation changing.
  • Change in sorting.
  • Settings of export-import and reset.
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Lucky Patcher vs. Jasi Patcher:

There are several people who think that both applications are the same. So it is really true but still, there are some differences in both of these applications. It’s a bit hard to elaborate Jasi Patcher vs. Lucky Patcher because the function of both of these applications is the same but the way to use it is different.

The differences include:

  • Root and such other things are needed to android for lucky patcher. But Jasi Patcher only needs root, Xposed module and some option to access.
  • Lucky patcher is available for payments. While Jasi Patcher is activated for any application.
  • Jasi Patcher requires no installation of any application. But Lucky Patcher requires the installation of apps like the proxy app, modded Google play and etc.
  • In comparison to Lucky Patcher, Jasi Patcher is quite easy to use.
  • Good customization options are only available in Jasi Patcher not in Lucky patcher.

Final Words:

In simple words, we can say that Jasi Patcher APK is the cheat or crack particularly for in-app-purchases. It is also for app modification that will remove annoying ads. It covers the space for a profitable in-app surrounding. However, its installation is a bit tricky and is not direct and simple. It will become more difficult for the person having no information about technical stuff.

Still, it’s beneficial to download. Its latest version acquires all the exclusive upgrades that one can possess. It is quite a great substitute for Lucky patcher. The best part about this is that you do not have to invest a single penny.


Q1. What to do if I get a black screen while launching a patcher?

  • For this go to your root management app and make it grant root as default. At the time the patcher gets access to root, simply you can change the root management app setting back to its previous same.

Q2. Why some of the apps are not working with root emulation and working only with Xposed emulation?

  • Root emulation is limited due to only working with the targeted application’s code. Whereas in Xposed emulation nothing is needed from the targeted application. If it is not working, maybe it means that the patcher is not able to inject in the targeted app. So you have to use Xposed emulation.

Q3. I can’t update it, it says application not installed, why?

  • For this, uncheck the option of hiding the patcher in the settings of the patcher and try again. It will work.

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