KMPlayer Pro APK v2.3.9 Download Latest Version in (2020)

Every day, hundreds of thousands of new Smartphones are being launched by mobile companies. Moreover, every one of them is designed for a different audience. Some of them are created with a wide range of built-in apps and massive storage but at the same time cost you an arm and a leg. While others have moderate features and are easily affordable for most of the people.

On one hand, these phones are very different from one another (in terms of quality of the features they offers). On the other, there are some of the features that are being offered by almost all types of phones. One of them is a music player. Almost every Smartphone has its own built-in music player. Their qualities depend upon the quality of a Phone itself. The users are often overestimating these music players as they assume that they have the best version of the music players.

But what they don’t know is that if they do Quick research on the internet, they will find out that there are much better, advanced and exciting versions of music players out there available online that they can download and enjoy. These players are much better in terms of the services offered. One of such players is KMPlayer PRO APK.

KMPlayer Pro APK v2.3.9 Download Latest Version in (2020)


KMPlayer PRO APK is the best alternative available for the built-in mobile version of music player. It has a variety of different options and features that you will never find in your mobile’s music player. Ranging from the number of supported formats to the quality of videos being played, it has much more to offer. It is available for you to download online so you can have as much entertainment as you want. You can play KMPLAYER PRO APK in your phone whenever you feel like.

Its offers are not limited to music only, in fact, you can watch videos as well. KMPlayer PRO APK gives you the entirely new experience of watching your favorite videos as you have never watched before.

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Many free apps have a major drawback of having so many ads that users get irritated. This ad which, most are useless, keeps popping up over and over again. Although these apps are free, it is very annoying for the users to skip all the ads and continue using the app.

This is definitely not the case with KMPLAYER PRO APK. Thankfully, KMPlayer PRO APK does not contain ads. It is an ad-free app which means it would never disturb you with its pop-ups when you play it.


KMPlayer PRO APK is a legal, third-party application, which cannot harm your device in any way. You are not going to be penalized after downloading the app. So do not worry, the app is safe and secure for your phone.


KMPlayer PRO APK does not require a huge space to be downloaded. As a matter of fact, you only need to have 25 MB storage which is pretty less, considering the total amount of internal/external storage Smartphones, these days, has.


KMPlayer PRO APK is a third party app, which is easily available on the internet. However, it would not be available on the official app stores. It is free to download. It can be accessed from all over the world and is very easy to download as well. Neither does it require registration charges nor does it ask you to sign up. It just demands user satisfaction and in exchange of that, it offers user valuable services for free.


In order to install KMPlayer PRO APK, you have to have either Android version 4.0.3 or any version above.


Multiple features make KMPLAYER PRO APK stand out among many other common media players. Below listed are some of the most important aspects of KMPLAYER PRO APK.

NameKM Player Pro
DeveloperPandora TV
Size24 MB
Last updatedJanuary 07, 2020

Variety of subtitles.

With KMPLAYER PRO APK, it is very easy to find and download subtitles. It supports a wide range of formats which includes DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS SUBTITLE TRACK, SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling, Teletext, PJS(.pjs), WebVTT(.vtt), Micro DVD(.sub/.txt), VobSub(.sub/.idx), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), SubViewer2.0(.sub), SAMI(.smi) with ruby tag, SubRip(.srt), TM Player(.txt), and so forth

  • Video Formats

Just like the subtitles, KMPLAYER LRO APK supports various different video formats as well. These formats includes FLV, 3GP, M4V, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV, AVI, MOV and MP4.

  • High-Quality Playback

Watching your favorite video in a bad quality and low resolutions is very annoying. Most of the time users cannot stand a media player, which can easily ruin their movies for them by providing a pathetic quality. That is why you need to download KMPLAYER PRO APM. Because KMPLAYER PRO APK enables users to watch their favorite videos in a high quality. Users can play their desirable videos up to 4K UHD resolution.

  • Access Online Media

In case that you do not have a video/music downloaded on your phone and you want to access it through a website, you can do it with the help of KMPLAYER PRO APK. All you need to do is to open the URL of that website in your KMPLAYER PRO APK and viola! Now you are playing online accessed media easily as well.

  • Cloud Storage

You can retrieve videos from your drive account as well. KMPLAYER PRO APK allows you to access the data, which you have saved on your Google Drive account. This data (comprised of videos and music) can be played on the player without any difficulties.

  • Background Audio

If you wish to open another app to work on while playing audio on KMPLAYER PRO APK in the background, consider your wish already granted. With KMPLAYER PRO APK, it is possible to play the audio on the background even if you have turned the app’s screen off. In this way, you can have fun while working too.

  • Gestures

Talking about the gestures, KMPLAYER PRO APK offers variety of it. You will have full control over each function. You can make multiple adjustments while playing a movie as well. For example, you have the options of image filtering, brightness adjustment, zoom in the screen, screen shift, and jump from 5 seconds to even 10 minutes and so on.

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In addition, you have a full control over the sound; you can increase or decrease it whenever and however you want to. In order to utterly enjoy the played videos, you can adjust brightness according to your wish. Furthermore, you have a control to forward or rewind the videos anytime.

All these gestures have been offered to ensure that the users are enjoying their time and not regretting downloading KMPLAYER LRO APK.

  • Night Mode

Although there is no doubt that KMPLAYER PRO APK makes 100% sure you are getting what you want in an amazing quality, it cares about you too. That is why it has the night mode which, when enables, reduces the eyestrain. In addition, you continue to have fun without a fear of illness.


Just like the app itself, the installation process is very convenient and time saving. You just have to follow the given five simple steps

  • Step 1: Download KMOMAYER PRO APK

KM Player Pro APK Download

  • Step 2: Once you are done the download, go to the folder where you have saved its file
  • Step 3: Now click on the APK file and if required, enable the option ‘unknown sources’ or ‘Allow from unknown sources’
  • Step 4: Now click on Install button, wait for it to get installed in your mobile device.
  • Step 5: Next, enable ‘.nomedia’ option and you will be able to see all the video files irrespective of the format. Without enabling this option, you will only be able to see MP4 format video files. And with that, you will reach the to the end of the installation process. KMPLAYER PRO APK is successfully installed in your phone and is ready for you to use.
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Did you know? In 2014, KMOLAYER PRO APK was awarded Top 30 Best App by Google Play.


KMPlayer PRO APK is a classic video player, with a huge number of functions and variety of features being offered. Once you download it, you can watch movies and dramas and listen to your favorite audio anytime. If you want, you can add subtitles too while watching a show. The player supports a wide range of different formats. You have complete control over the functions. You can adjust sound and brightness according to your own desire.

KMPlayer PRO APK has so much to offer and yet it is absolutely free of cost. It does not require any installation charges. In addition, it does not ask you to register either.

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