MMSuperPatcher Apk Download v2.3 for Mini Militia v4.2.8

The internet world is full of addicting games. Whether you want to play by yourself, or with others, there are plenty of options to choose from. Amongst all the genres of the games, the most popular is that of action games. Moreover, to experience the best action game on Android, you must play Mimi Militia – Doodle Army 2. Mini-Militia – Doodle Army 2 is a very famous action game where you can host six online gamers and twelve local gamers via a local network. You can play and combat with many of your friends at once. There are various weapons you can utilize while fighting, and you can beat your competitors easily. Teens or adults, this game is popular among everyone irrespective of their age.

While playing Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2, users experience intense combat with their fellow players playing as competitors. It takes you to another different world where you need to sharpen your skills in order to survive.

Enjoy the thrills of spewing hot lead and make Swiss cheese out of your opponents! You experience the fear of bullets flying past your face and the urgency of covering your body. However, if you are strong enough, if you train yourself to become sharp enough to fight rightly, you will see you are the body of your enemies turning into dust and handing over the victory in your hands.

MMSuperPatcher Apk Download v2.3 for Mini Militia v4.2.8


Despite its popularity and amazing features, Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 comes with some constrains. One major drawback is that you cannot get all the cool resources all at once that easily. You have to buy them.  However, this is a problem with an official game.

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Luckily, this problem has been solved now. Which means there is a way you can play with all the items you want and much more to discover. The solution is MMSuperPatcher APK.

WHAT IS MMSuperPatcher APK

MMSuperPatcher APK is one of the best MODS for the Mini Militia Hack. Amongst the many modes that are being developed these days, MMSuperPatcher is no doubt the leading app.

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MMSuperPatcher is used for modding the famous action game, Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2. This patcher needs the original Play store version to be modified. Other hacked versions would not worm with this patcher.

It is a patcher for Mini militia – Doodle 2. What it means is that MMSuperPatcher APK can help you hack the game resources and privileges. With all the items in hand, you will have a high chance of beating all your opponents and winning the game. After all, who doesn’t want to win the game right?

Unlike previously, the latest version of MMSuperPatcher APK works with all the versions of Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2.

MMSuperPatcher APK has Live patching option that will allow you to change the mods whenever you desire. This is the only app, which can mod the game while playing that. You can also apply any mod to your running game.

As a Mini Militia player, you would know the importance of these resources. It is very hard to get your hands on them otherwise. And of course, all of them doesn’t come for free. They require your hard-earned bucks to be spent on them. Considering all the factors, MMSuperPatcher is literally your savior. Download MMSuperPatcher APK now and get rid of all the obstacles between you and the victory.


Below is added the installation guide that you may follow easily in order to install MMSuperPatcher APK. Nevertheless, before that, you need to make sure that you have a good Wi-Fi connection for a successful download.

  • Step 1: Download Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 v 4.0.42 online
  • Step 2: Download the MMSuperPatcher APK in you device
  • Step 3: Go to settings and enable unknown sources
  • Step 4: Install both apps on the phone
  • Step 5: Open MMSuperPatcher APK app and click on Launch Live patchPa option. When it asks you to enable the permission, enable it.
  • Step 6: Once the permission is granted, you can select the mods you wish from there.
  • Step 7: Here, click on Launch Modded Game that you can see appearing in MMSuperPatcher Home Screen. It will open the game
  • Step 8: Now you have to select he mods from the MMSuperPatcher menu.
  • And this is it. You can relax and enjoy your game now.
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  • Shortcut for a Modded game can be created without interfering with the original game.
  • It can work without Root
  • While playing the game, Mods can be change by the tap settings/Tool icon
  • Patching is quick
  • The app can work the original Play Store App
  • More than 20 Mods are available to. Patch
  • Genuine Player servers only (No-Mod Servers)
  • Up to 8x Zoom


  • Users can get Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Battle points can be accessed
  • There is Unlimited ammo
  • You can have Dual gun
  • The Death sprayer (You get unlimited bullets from the gun)
  • 360º Firing in all guns (must be used in death sprayer)
  • Qp Mod server selector (you can play with either original or Mod player as you wish)
  • Secondary and primary gun selector
  • Hide from proxy bomb
  • Kill temperature
  • EMP damage (You will be rewarded once you hit the EMP)
  • Walking speed (you can set the speed of walking)
  • No reload
  • Special Player Speed (Phoenix Mod)
  • Unlimited flying power
  • Zoom uptown 7x
  • Commander in Chief
  • Primary and secondary bomb selector
  • Magic melee punch
  • Instant weapon’s spawn
  • Unlimited battle points (Phoenix)
  • The dual gun on Spawn
  • Hide your weapons (phoenix Mod)
  • Custom Symbol (Android, iOS, Kindle fire, and Windows)
  • Bullet speed Mod
  • Die by gun only
  • Instant health fill
  • Range increaser
  • Speed Mod
  • Die by bomb only
  • Attach proxy anywhere
  • Endless Proxynade (The time bombs would not be able to disappear after some time) by Phoenix.
  • Pro Pack unlock
  • Sarge’s weapon (Weapons can now be chosen for the Sarges in survival Mode) by Phoenix.
  • Any map on multiplayer by Phoenix.
  • Any map Survival (You can play survival on any map. You only need to select the Map from the deathmatch)
  • Faking skills level
  • No gravity
  • All weapon’s laser
  • Bullet per shot
  • Pro pack unlock
  • Any bomb from a minor launcher
  • All store items unlock
  • Machete Thrower (phoenix Mod)
  • Special Proxy bomb (Phoenix Mod)
  • Fire thrower (Phoenix Mod)
  • CTF always win
  • Flag rewarded gun by Phoenix
  • CTF spawn on enemy location by phoenix
  • New dual wield Mod by Phoenix
  • Endless saw by phoenix
  • Magic Bomb trough (Helps you through the bombs without waiting any longer)
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MMSuperPatcher APK – LEGAL OR NOT?

With a large list of so many cool items to offer, MMSuperPatcher APK sounds too good to be true. And this might be your concern as well. Is it too good to be true? Are there any drawbacks of installing the app? Is it illegal?

Well, it’s not. It is a legal third-party app, which keeps you and your device away from such issues. It may sound imaginary but it’s not. It is very real and legal to play. Therefore, you can download MMSuperPatcher APK on your devices and let the fun begin.

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On one hand, you may find yourself overwhelmed with joy and surprise to see all the items this little app contains. On the other hand, you are probably thinking that this app would be too heavy to download, that it would require a lot of your space to get in your phone

Well, hear me when I say, the size of MMSuperPatcher APK is just 6 MB. Can you believe that? So many goods in just 6 MB. It is designed in such a way that everyone can benefit from it without any barriers in between.


Let’s agree to the point that we all love games. We love to play action games and fighting games. We love to beat our enemies and be the winners. However, the games have so many barriers for us to overcome. It feels very hard, next to impossible to get your hands on the victory. The helpful items and resources are very difficult to get, many of which are not even free.

In all these hurdles, MMSuperPatcher PRO APK has come to our rescue. An app, which lets you enjoy the exclusive features of Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 without any cost, signups, or legal penalties. It is safe, secure, light in size and absolutely free.

By now, you should be started playing the game already. And if you haven’t started, don’t waste more of your time, download the latest version of MMSuperPatcher Pro APK and discover the power of this app now!

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