Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2020 (NON BLOCKED)

A torrent site is like an index, which helps in looking up for information but doesn’t contain the information itself. It helps download files from various sources and computers and helps ease the load on online servers.

Torrents are the best way to download movies and intensive video games. Arguably, the best torrent site is the one which has the least traffic, high download speed, accessible file format and a variety of content.

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2020 (NON BLOCKED)

What To Consider In A Torrent Site?

Finding a reliable Torrent site can be very tricky, torrents come and go, but some of them stick around for long. To address this, we’ve decided to compose a list of ten reliable torrent sites, there are hundreds of torrent sites out there, but these are among the best.


It is regard as one of the best torrent sites in the world. A reliable torrent which allows users to access torrents for movies, TV series, books, applications, games and music. Pirate bay was launched almost 15 years ago and is therefore considered highly reliable.  The average download speed on pirate bay is 6.2 MB/s.  It supports instant downloads for movies and TV shows.  It has a variety of content available, and has a very simple interface that won’t bother you even if you’re using it for the first time.

Popular domains to access pirate bay:,,


This torrent site is particularly for movie enthusiast, it’s loaded with HD- quality video torrents, and is a dream comes true for movie lovers.  It has a top 10 list on its page which helps users in finding the most popular movies available on the site. Furthermore it has a detailed page for downloads which includes various information that ranges from the size of the file and the date when it was uploaded, information regarding the movie and all sorts of stuff. It’s about quality, not quantity at RARBG. The average speed on this torrent is approximately 6 MB/s.

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Popular domains to access RARBG :,,

3. 1337X:

1337X is another popular torrent available, which has been functioning for around 11 years and ranks high in reliability. Fresh content is upload on a regular basis by a dedicated group of up loaders.  It is often regarded as one of the best alternatives to pirate bay, because it provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links and is very simple to use. It has an average download speed of approximately 4.2MB/s.  However the biggest concern, while using 1337X is the amount of advertising you’ll encounter. It’s very frustrating and quite agitative, but once you get through it, you’ll be able to access quite useful information without any hassle.

Popular domains to access 1337X:,,,,


If you’re tired of mediocre sites full of low-quality torrents and malware, Torlock is what you need. It offers a wide array of anime, e-books and music torrents. Torlock has a clean, intuitive interface, which benefits the user.  It ensures that its users have access to genuine torrents only and in order to implement that it introduced a scheme where it would pay users $1 for every fake torrent they are able to find on this site. Torlock claims to have more than 5 million genuine and verified torrents.  It has an average download speed of 4.5 MB/s.

Go visit Torlock at

5. YTS.AM:

The most popular torrent site for movies YTS is the leading source of YIFY torrents online. It exclusively focuses on movies; it has a wonderful layout and offers a colorful variety of titles which makes it the optimal choice for movie enthusiast. The site has a massive user base, because its torrents are very easy on your bandwidth, one of the main advantages of this site. However, while using YTS bear in mind it does not offer any other categories except for movies; you’ll have to access another torrent site for games, TV shows and music.  YTS has an average download speed of 3.5 MB/s.

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You can go check it out at


Torrentz2 started operating after torrentz shut down, due to reasons unknown. This torrent site boasts one of the biggest databases of torrents having over 61 million torrents in total. It features a great variety of music and movie torrents and is extremely easy to use.  It has an average download speed of around 2 MB/s.

Popular domains to access torrentz2 are:,, Torrentzwealmisr.onion


TorrentDownloads was launched in the year 2007 and features over 16 million torrents in total. It is particularly famous because it has an extensive and well-organized torrent library. It offers the ability to rate files and leave comments on them in order to reduce the fake torrents on the site. The site has a very straightforward detail page which makes it very easy to navigate. The average download speed is around 3 MB/s.

You can go check it out


Limetorrents has been operating for more than half a decade now. With a database of over 9.8 million torrents, it is regard as one of the biggest and most reliable torrent sites available. Limtorrents offers various types of torrents such as movies, TV shows, games and applications. It has a very neat and clean, user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to access. It offers a decent download speed of around 5 MB/s.

You can access it at


Zooqle is a relatively new site in the bit torrent protocol. It has over 37,000 movies and almost 600 shows available, pretty remarkable for a newbie.  Zooqle boasts up to 3.5 million verified torrents. It has a strong interface overall and is considered fairly easy to use. In the near future it is expect to grow bigger and better with the span of time. It offers a variety of content; movies and TV shows are popular on this site. It has an average download speed of 3.5 MB/s.

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Popular domains to access zooqle are:,

10. EZTV:

It has quite famous among torrenters, EZTV. It has a very active community of up loaders, who add new episodes on a regular basis. Its user- friendly interface makes it super easy to navigate and browse. It is often termed as a slice of heaven for TV junkies. Even though the site went through a lot of controversy in the past. Today, it is consider as one of the best torrent sites for TV shows, with a lot of active users. EZTV has everything related to TV on its site, from the trending hit series to the late night horror shows, it has it all. Moreover popular TV shows have their own pages, where all the respective episodes are listed. It has an average download speed of 3.2 MB/s

You can go check it out at


There are still plenty of options to download torrents, since some countries have put a ban on me them. But the aforementioned ones are very low-profile and reliable. All torrent providers differ from each other in different categories, but in the end it solely depends on the users taste, preference and priorities.

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