VirtualXposed APK – Use Xposed Framework on Android Non Rooted

Have you ever thought that you could use Xposed Framework in an unrooted Android device? I suppose not. In this guide, we will share VirtualXposed apk for unrooted Android devices. Really, is it worth sharing? Yes of course.

VirtualXposed allows you to pass Google’s SafetyNet Measure. It does not need a root and unlocked boot loader or a modified system image. It is based on Virtual App and Epic, which helps you to install Xposed modules in the virtual environment.

The main disadvantage is that it will work with modules that do not deal with system changes. We also called the Xposed Framework limited for non-rooted devices. The root is required to manage a system. Again. We found no alternatives for the Xposed Framework. Themes modules are not supported by this one. If you like customizations, better stay away from this application. Even Substratum works on Oreo devices without root by installing a simple addon.

VirtualXposed APK - Use Xposed Framework on Android Non Rooted

So we can use tons of themes without rooting. Only the root is needed when you want to dig deep into the device with the Xposed Framework. VirtualXposed will create a parallel or virtual space to run the application, which will not change the system’s applications or change its functionality by replacing or adding code. It will work in its environment and you will be able to install new applications and work with the Android ecosystem. However, in Regular Xposed, you can modify or modify the functionality of the device or system application by processing java code.

How to Install VirtualXposed on Android Non-Rooted

Step 1: First, download the latest VirtualXposed APK file from the link below.

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Step 2: Tap the VXP APK that you downloaded now. Allow the Unknown Sources option through Settings >> Allow from this source.

Step 3: Tap the APK again. Install it successfully.

Step 4: Open it and let the permissions run VirtualXposed in the background to get the virtual application notifications.

Modules Tested with VXP

  1. XPrivacyLua: A simple privacy manager for Android 6.0 above devices.
  2. Xinsta: Instagram Xposed Module to Give Some Extra Features
  3. YouTube AdAway: Remove ads from YouTube’s official Android app.
  4. MinMinGuard: Remove ads on Android apps.
  5. Micro X module: WeChat module, complete; but compatible with VXP.
  6. WeChat wizard: WeChat module, open-source project, excellent code.
  7. MDWechat: WeChat landscaping module, you can put WeChat in MD style.
  8. Application Variables: can be used to modify patterns, such as the King of Glory, high rate; QQ space to change the small tail and so on.
  9. Volume Booster: NetEase Cloud Music module, very easy to use, discreet.
  10. WeChat Learn English: Automatically translate WeChat messages into English, which is very convenient.
  11. Rushing assistant: answering module.
  12. Empathy grab bag: red packaging module, compatibility in general.
  13. Wechat jumper assistant: Wechat jumper game auxiliary module.
  14. Step modifier : motion step modification module.
  15. Location of the simulation: Virtual positioning module, stable and easy to use in VirtualXposed.
  16. Fingerprint payment: A fingerprint payment module for a mobile phone that does not support fingerprint payment, but the system itself has a fingerprint.
  17. Streamlined QQ 2.0 Module: The QQ module can not only streamline QQ but also prevent shrinkage and flash photos. VXP does not support QX and it is recommended to use it.
  18. WeChat plug-in module: WeChat module, the most stable WeChat module of VXP; This is recommended if there is no particular requirement.
  19. QQ artifact of the combat figure: various expressions, an artifact of the combat figure.
  20. WeChat figure artifact: Figure artifact, microcredit.
  21. Purification of Da San: To announce artifacts, it is recommended to use them.
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How to Install Xposed Modules in VirtualXposed

Step 1: Open the VirtualXposed application from the application tray.

Step 2: You are now in the Android virtual launcher. You can see the Xposed Framework application when you drag the screen up.

Step 3: Open the Xposed Framework menu and go to the Download section.

Step 4: Download the module and install it.

Step 5: Open the menu and go to the Modules section. Activate the module you have installed.

Step 6: Touch and hold the Home screen to open the VirtualXposed settings or simply press the Drawer button. Go to the Restart option and press reboot to activate the module.

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